Find the right hinged AFO brace for foot drop for you

To treat the difficulties you’re experiencing related to foot drop quickly, Turbomed recommends its hinged AFO braces for foot drop. Send us details about what you need, and we will contact you to determine precisely which orthotic will best suit you.

Why choose a hinged AFO brace?

Foot drop involves difficulty in moving caused by paralysis or weakness of the muscles used to lift the foot. To overcome all of the movement difficulties associated with foot drop, we recommend a hinged AFO brace instead of a rigid one. That will provide you with a comfortable, efficient, durable solution.

A hinged AFO brace that’s easier to use

The main sign of foot drop is difficulty controlling flexion of the feet. Because of this, the toes of the weakened foot will always drop towards the ground. Some professionals recommend a hinged orthotic instead of a rigid gauntlet device.

Ankle foot orthotics (AFO) are used to provide stability for the ankle and foot. The first type, rigid orthotics, keep the ankle from moving. This limits ankle dysfunction, but it also completely eliminates control and an easy gait.

Articulated AFO braces, on the other hand, allow the ankle to move while controlling the effects of foot drop. The leg can then move in a healthy, natural way. This is why it’s easier to use a hinged AFO brace.

Choosing a hinged AFO brace for any age

Foot drop can affect anyone, no matter how young or old. For the elderly, foot drop poses a greater difficulty because the effort required for moving around is greater, and the muscles, which are already exhausted, become even more tired.

While using orthotics can help solve the problem, this is not the case with rigid orthotics. They actually limit the ankle joint and thus require more effort. Because of that, gait becomes uneven, and the elderly may find themselves thrown off balance.

However, a hinged AFO brace is still effective, regardless of your age. By providing the muscles with permanent support and facilitating a normal gait, getting back to normal quickly is possible. Our hinged AFO brace is thus the best choice for regaining your mobility.

Choose a hinged AFO brace to get back to life as usual

Wearing an orthotic can help you get around the restrictiveness of foot drop. If you don’t choose your orthotic carefully, your feet will be in an uncomfortable position. Only an articulated splint can allow you to move like everyone else.

Rigid braces keep you from doing many activities, like driving a car, playing sports, and even wearing certain shoes. Even though they’re recommended by doctors in the most serious cases, this is a temporary solution while waiting for specific surgical operations.

In general, articulated orthotics have no limits on how they can be used. By choosing the best articulated orthotic, you will be able to get back to everyday life. However, you’ll get back to your activities even faster if you choose a hinged AFO brace by Turbomed.

What specifics does the hinged AFO brace for foot drop by Turbomed Orthotics have?

To eliminate the difficulties in moving around related to your condition, choose our hinged AFO brace for foot drop. Our revolutionary solution will let you regain your mobility as fast as possible. In a short time, you’ll be able to get back to your daily life, professional activities, and sporting hobbies.

Unlike other articulated braces, ours adapts to all sorts of terrains and can be put on and taken off in seconds with all types of shoes. Since it doesn’t come into contact with skin, it also eliminates the risk of chafing, while its system of springs enhances your performance in sports or physically-demanding work.

The hinged AFO brace for foot drop by Turbomed has been tested under all sorts of regular and intensive use conditions. As such, it has been enhanced to meet the needs of all users, regardless of age, size, or particular problem. Simply enter your preferences to find the one that is right for you.