AFO Braces for cerebral palsy

Turbomed produces AFO orthotics for all of the problems associated with cerebral palsy. This includes spastic hemiplegia, quadriplegia, or any other presentation of spastic diplegic. Talk to our professionals and get an AFO brace for cerebral palsy that can meet your child’s needs.

The importance of AFO braces for cerebral palsy treatment

Cerebral palsy is a common motor impairment among children. To help young people live with this disease, which has no definitive cure, some experts recommend using AFO orthotics. Multiple studies were conducted to determine the usefulness of AFOs for children with cerebral palsy.

The benefits of AFO braces for hemiplegic cerebral palsy

Hemiplegia is a cerebral palsy that affects one side of the body. It can be caused by several different pathologies. According to various studies, using AFO orthotics may lengthen the steps a child with hemiplegic cerebral palsy can take. The result is that their energy expenditure is offset, and the symmetry of their gait is improved. 

After the adaptation period, feedback on wearing AFO braces is positive because the improvement in children’s gait means normalized mobility and improved performance. This gives them confidence in their movements. This is the whole reason behind choosing our AFO braces for cerebral palsy.

The importance of AFO braces for diplegic cerebral palsy

Another form of cerebral palsy is spastic diplegia. It involves paralysis of both lower limbs. Of course, the impact AFO braces can have on recovery for children with diplegia varies. According to several researchers, step and stride length are significantly improved with a fitted AFO orthotic. They also noticed rare cases of improvement in knee flexion in the stance phase.

The studies’s results on the benefits of AFO braces for those with diplegic cerebral palsy are rather modest. However, with the continual advancements in technology that we offer, our AFO braces for cerebral palsy are the best choice in this regard.

AFO braces for mixed cohorts

The different types of cerebral palsies include cases of mixed cohorts. Children that fall into this category are affected by diplegia and hemiplegia. The results of using AFO braces to treat this form of the disease have been encouraging. Of particular note is the significant increase in the knee’s Range of Motion (ROM) and in walking speed.

Depending on the AFO brace selected, the results have been more or less positive. This highlights the importance of making the right choice so that the patient can see fast improvements. Our AFO braces for cerebral palsy are designed with cutting edge advances for managing these diseases.

Our AFO for cerebral palsy cover every cases

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Turbomed helps you treat the effects of cerebral palsy

To help children with cerebral palsy regain better use of their legs, using AFO orthotics comes with a comprehensive rehabilitation program. This is one of the most significant care systems. Our orthotics have several advantages, including:

  • Reducing the risk of tripping and accidents
  • Strengthening weak muscles
  • Reducing the energy spent on moving around
  • Preventing deformities
  • Correcting skeletal alignment and hyperextension of the knee and hip
  • Minimizing the effects of spasticity in the limbs

To achieve all of these goals, you need to find the correct orthotic for your child’s condition. Our innovative technology can be adapted to all needs. You will be satisfied with it, no matter what type of cerebral palsy ankle brace you need, because you can count on the unquestionable quality of Turbomed’s orthotics.

Why choose a cerebral palsy ankle brace by Turbomed

There is no known treatment for cerebral palsy, but using orthotics has been proven to make life easier for children affected by it. To do so, you must choose the shape, quality, and price of the orthotic for your loved one.

It is important to approach the best professionals in your decision-making process. That’s why Turbomed is the best solution. Regardless of the disease that has led to your loved one’s muscular paralysis, choosing a cerebral palsy ankle brace by Turbomed can help bring normalcy to your child’s life.

Turbomed’s team of experts specializes in manufacturing and distributing the best AFO orthotics. By submitting a request, you will easily be able to find a cerebral palsy ankle brace that is the right fit for your child and your budget.

Flexible and adaptable over time

Cerebral palsy is a disease that affects a child’s neurons and changes their posture and movements. Due to the possible manifestations, it can show up in different parts of the body, including in either leg. That’s why braces must be custom-made.

Depending on your child’s profile, the part of the limbs affected, and their age and size, you can choose the AFO orthotic to address their condition. The AFO you buy will help your child live with this disease and grow with it, providing flexible supports that can be adjusted over time.

An AFO orthotic for all conditions

This disease’s wide range of manifestations results in varying degrees of severity, depending on the diagnosis made by your child’s doctor. Due to this, the orthotic used must always be appropriate for the state of the condition’s progression and its exact level. Therefore, you need an orthotic that is easy to readjust.

Turbomed’s articulated AFO is easy to adjust and adapt to any diagnosis. If your child’s posture improves, all you have to do is adjust the orthotic so that they can wear it just as easily, regardless of what they’re doing.

Enabling physical activities

While some effects of cerebral palsy prevent young people from doing many activities, others limit their ease of execution. For some cases of mild spasticity, for instance, a child will have difficulty walking fast or running, but with an orthotic, they will be able to stand and walk.

By selecting the cerebral palsy ankle brace by Turbomed, you’re ensuring a quick recovery of your child’s normal gait. They may also get faster, and they may move more fluidly thanks to the brace’s system of springs. Turbomed’s AFO orthotics can also be adjusted to fit all sports shoes.

Fits all shoes

Orthotics help correct muscle traction and prevent joint twisting. To achieve the desired effects, you must find the right orthotics not only for your child but also for their shoes. This is difficult, as most custom orthotics require special footwear.

Unlike other manufacturers, Turbomed offers a solution to this problem by offering you orthotics worn on the outside of the shoe. This fixture makes it possible to fit the brace to all types of shoes. At the same time, it prevents any direct contact with the skin, as well as any chaffing. Your child will then be able to wear the same shoes as their schoolmates.

The types of AFO orthotics that exist and their limits

Type 1: A ground reaction orthotic

The ground reaction orthotic is a solid brace with a rigid anterior wall. It supports the leg by applying momentary knee extension during the stance phase. As it’s lighter than some orthotics, it is very useful for treating gait issues and knee instability.

However, while the ground reaction orthotic is useful, it needs to be fitted since it is not designed for most of the problems related to cerebral palsy. This is why you should choose orthotics like the X-Tern, which are truly made for cerebral palsy.

Type 2: An AFO leaf spring

The AFO Leaf Spring brace is a flexible orthotic used for most types of non-advanced cerebral palsy. It is especially useful in cases of mild spasticity. Among other things, it enables improving ground clearance during the swing phase of walking.

This type of splint is often recommended because it fits many normal shoes, thanks to its thin footplate and low profile. Turbomed’s AFO orthotic stands out among the various models of this sort because it can adapt to all types of shoes and is of better quality.

Type 3: A rigid AFO orthotic

The rigid AFO orthotic is the most widely used type. Despite being the least effective, it is the most popular because it is the least expensive. It works by preventing plantar flexion, dorsiflexion, and deviations of the heel and ankle, as it keeps the ankle in a fixed position.

This AFO is recommended for the most severe cases, but it does not improve movement. That’s why Turbomed’s flexible solution is superior in terms of performance. With our cerebral palsy ankle brace, you can move around and control the structure’s stiffness, depending on the severity of spasticity.

Type 4: An articulated AFO orthotic

This is the most effective orthotic for managing cerebral palsy. It includes articulations that allow plantarflexion and dorsiflexion. For both severe and mild cases, this type of orthotic will be suitable for your youngster, and adjustments may be made according to their condition.

Of all the articulated AFO braces, the Turbomed orthotic is perfectly suited for cases of cerebral palsy. With the many accessories available, including the extension stopper, the orthotic’s rigidity can be increased for higher efficiency. This option guarantees better monitoring for changes in your child’s condition, as well as better day-to-day movement.

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