Our AFO Replacement parts, AFO Pads, & Orthopedic Velcro straps make your life easier

Our AFO replacement parts, pads and orthopedic velcro straps are made to make your life easier. Our products have an elegant design and come with easy-to-follow instructions. Our products include an AFO pad, an AFO Velcro strap, a lace click shoe attachment, an extension stop kit, and an ankle stabilization foot drop strap.

Our AFO pads & AFO velcro straps for orthotics

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Frequently Asked Questions

AFO padding, comfortable to wear

This AFO padding is comfortable to wear, soft, will not hurt your skin, and is positioned where high pressure is expected in order to avoid direct contact with the skin. This AFO padding offers a comfortable feel and allows you to move optimally without feeling any discomfort. 

Our AFO padding has a nice finish, good resilience, and great durability. It is suitable for running, cycling, or any other sport. It also protects you from the risk of skin injury or irritation. It actually distributes pressure and doesn't compress muscles and blood flow.

Orthopedic velcro straps, solid and secure

Our orthopedic velcro straps are made from an improved type of velcro strap designed to hold your device in place and provide stability.

The technology in our orthopedic velcro straps is built with strength and safety in mind. With the powerful adhesive that comes included, your positioning problems are solved. You simply have to tighten the strap snugly and fold it over itself for a solid and secure grip.

You can cut our orthopedic velcro straps easily to any length with household scissors.  They are easily adjustable and can be fitted to the size you need.

AFO replacement straps, affordable and useful

Over time, the orthotics straps may need to be replaced. They must also be fitted to your physical or physiological changes. As such, adjustments must be made to ensure the orthotics continue to be useful. The AFO replacement straps guarantee this by replacing old straps that no longer fit you. 

You'll save money with our AFO replacement straps because you won't have to replace the entire AFO. In addition, our velcro straps are easily interchangeable even if you have no training with braces.

Our velcro straps, ideal for leg braces

Our velcro straps for leg braces are ideal for keeping the device from sliding down. Throughout the day, gravity will pull down on your device. As long as the Velcro straps for leg braces are secure and well-fitting, your device won't move an inch.

Because you should wear your device all the time, you will need to adjust the straps to make it easier to move and increase the comfort of the brace. Our velcro straps for leg braces enable you to secure your device while providing comfort and safety, as our straps will fit your device perfectly.

Our ankle stabilization foot drop strap will help you walk with confidence

Our foot drop strap keeps the ankle joint in a fixed position to improve its stability, as it supports the ankle and prevents it from turning. Furthermore, it helps keep your foot in a normal position, which helps strengthen your muscles with each movement.