XTERN The 1st External AFO brace for foot Drop. The best drop foot braces to Walk, Run and Jump! A STEP UP FOR FOOT DROP!

The best drop foot braces & splints are made by TurboMed. Our External AFOs offer rapid results for your problems related to foot drop, regardless of their causes and severity. Place your order or visit our distributors, and you will quickly be able to find excellent-quality AFO brace for foot drop.





Drop foot braces that last: AFO devices to live a normal life

No matter what the cause of your foot drop issue is, your difficulty getting around will keep you from living a normal life. Therefore, it’s important to choose foot drop orthotics braces that last. The surest solution to turn to is TurboMed’s ankle foot orthotics.

Quality custom AFO brace manufacturers

If doctors recommend dorp foot braces, it’s because this solution is easy to use and offers fast improvements. You simply have to determine which foot drop brace will fit you. TurboMed is a leader of the custom AFO brace manufacturers, and they offer braces in all sizes.

Foot drop brace to walk AND run

With a custom AFO brace for foot drop, you can do all of your usual daily activities. The quality of the best foot drop orthotics braces will even let you do activities that require more leg support. With better mobility, you’ll be able to wear our external AFO for running.

Get the foot drop braces that brings results

Foot drop is a muscular problem resulting from a disease, making it difficult to lift the foot and toes. Wearing a drop foot brace is recommended by doctors to improve the use of your leg. Of the many suppliers for drop foot braces, TurboMed stands out for its AFO’s durability, its ability to fit all shoes, its springs that improve sporting ability, and its constant comfort.

Why is our AFO the best drop foot brace available on the market?

If our product is the best drop foot brace on the market, it is primarily because our lead designer has foot drop and has dedicated his career to designing the best solution for the effects of this condition. As an expert in mechanical design specializing in orthotics, he has mastered all levels of complications related to foot drop.

As such, the solutions that TurboMed offers are innovative and account for the specific difficulties each patient has because of foot drop. Regardless of your location, you can benefit from the foot braces for foot drop that we offer. Our experts work with distributors for ankle braces all over the world.

By choosing TurboMed, you will have access to an AFO brace for foot drop built by a global brace manufacturer. External AFOs by TurboMed are distributed in more than 20 countries and are available in more than 35 countries around the world by unparalleled delivery service.

High-quality standards foot brace for foot drop (AFO)

The discomfort caused by an ordinary foot brace for foot drop (AFO) may give some patients pause. That’s why we offer comfortable and performing external AFO for foot drop. Our products are tested in real-world conditions. 

Indeed, they have been tried out in all sorts of daily activities, and they’ve been improved to give an end result that eliminates all discomfort and awkwardness for patients. For easier use, you will also have access to special advice from our experts on wearing each of our AFO brace for foot drop. Check out the page for each device to choose the right one.

To find the foot drop braces you need, simply place your order on our platform. By providing us with details about your difficulties, your shoe size, and any relevant information about your condition, you will get the drop foot braces you need.

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Get your mobility back with our AFO for foot drop

Foot drop may be temporary or permanent, depending on whether it is an anatomical deformity or a neurological or muscular disease. This causes constant discomfort and varying degrees of pain felt when lifting the affected leg.

As the foot struggles to straighten, the toes continue to point downward, which may cause you to trip on uneven ground. To compensate for these mobility problems, some who have this condition lift their legs higher. This approach reduces falls, but it involves significant energy expenditure.

To use less effort and feel fewer problems related to foot drop, you will have to use foot drop braces. Our ankle foot orthosis brace will give you back your mobility because our various ankle foot orthotics braces will give you the support you need to continue improving in your situation.

Frequently asked questions

Foot drop splint with the same advantages as carbon braces

There is a wide range of foot drop splints. Only continued use will allow you to get used to new orthotics. That’s why you should avoid changing them constantly or choosing low-end orthotics. To regain full mobility, you must select durable splints.

XTERN is Turbomed’s exclusive orthotic. It is designed with highly durable materials. It is a modular tibio-foot orthotic made from thermoplastic materials. That is why we guarantee its quality and durability for 2 years.

A spring-loaded AFO ankle brace that run with you

Though wearing orthotics is recommended by doctors, it is not always pleasant to get around with a foreign object attached to your foot. The orthotics wearer can often feel a sensation of discomfort, which may discourage them. To solve this problem, you should choose an ankle brace running with you.

With a spring-loaded AFO, you will be able to run without feeling the least disturbance. It is a true exoskeleton that attaches to any shoe, creating no chafing or discomfort. The affected limb thus receives continual help without the user feeling any additional pressure.

Get AFOs that include leg braces with foot drop support

AFOs are designed for various purposes, depending on clinical prescriptions. You can choose either rigid braces or articulated braces. Unlike fixed orthoses that are used for severe cases, solutions with an articulated thermoplastic brace allow for full mobility with no limitations.

For this reason, our AFOs can include leg braces with foot drop support. Our orthotics enable plantarflexion as well as dorsiflexion. Your movements will be more fluid, and all of the sensations related to foot drop will be corrected. This makes wearing our AFOs more comfortable, regardless of the cause of your foot drop.

Our AFOs allow muscle flexibility conditioning

If you suffer from foot drop, you put more effort into moving. Wearing orthotics will allow you to pick up your legs with the same amount of effort needed by a healthy foot. To achieve this result, you must choose AFOs that can maintain proper foot alignment.

Our AFOs provide enough support to keep the muscles flexible. By using the AFO ankle foot orthotics by Turbomed, your foot will be kept in alignment at 90 degrees to your lower leg. That way, the support offered will stretch your muscles to maintain their flexibility.

Important facts about AFO brace for foot drop and knee brace orthotics

To address the problems associated with foot drop, you should use medical brace and knee brace orthotics. However, depending on the severity of the problem or the extent of the underlying condition, you may need more than an ankle foot orthotic. Your doctor may actually offer additional recommendations.

Medical brace additional electronic devices control

In addition to a standard medical brace, additional control for foot drop can be incorporated with nerve stimulators. These new neuroprosthetic devices provide electrical stimulation to the nerves that control the dorsiflexor muscles. Electrotherapy will help you improve your ability to walk even faster if your case is a complex one.

Medical AFO used with surgery

In the event the nerve is damaged, doctors may also recommend surgery. When foot drop is a permanent condition, surgery is needed to decompress or repair the affected nerve. Wearing a medical AFO will serve to stabilize and improve gait before and after operations.

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Our AFO for foot drop allows you to move naturally

Equipped with springs to walk and run

The severity of the foot drop condition usually depends on the severity of your condition. There are several causes of foot drop. The most frequent include:

  • Peripheral nerve trauma
  • Stroke (CVA)
  • A lumbar or disc herniation
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Polio
  • Diabetes

Even if ankle foot orthotics have numerous functions, the primary use is facilitating your movements in all sorts of circumstances. No matter how serious your problem is, you can use the foot drop splint with spring for walking and running.

It's the best drop foot braces because it's compatible for all shoes and boots

One of the difficulties commonly associated with wearing orthotics is that they can’t easily be worn with ordinary shoes. TurboMed has solved this problem, offering AFOs compatible with your:

  • Laced or Velcro shoes
  • Walking shoes
  • Workboots
  • Winter footwear
  • Sandals

If you don’t have orthopedic shoes, you can still wear our splints. That way, you can wear your drop foot brace with your work boots, exercise shoes, and normal shoes when getting around town.

Stable on uneven land

It’s hard to wear a foot drop orthotic when you’re out in nature. Only TurboMed External AFOs are effective on country roads or in the mountains because:

  • They can be fitted to hiking boots
  • They adapt to slopes and uneven terrain
  • They adjust to heat
  • They return energy expended

With our drop foot brace, you can get around in the mountains and cover all sorts of terrains. You will be able to use your AFO brace on uneven surfaces, and with less effort.

An AFO brace for foot drop that include springs for physical performance

People with foot drop avoid most sports because their mobility problem makes this difficult. However, our orthotics enable:

  • Intensive training
  • Marathons
  • Triathlons
  • Speed and endurance sports
  • Adventurous activities in USA’s wilderness

Since all of our orthotics have been tested under all sorts of intense use conditions, you can use them no matter what sport you want to play. If you are a professional athlete, you can find the right AFO orthotic to find your practice rhythm.

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